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Mixed league matches by field, team and then referee.
Captains are responsible for getting their team and referee representative organised for games.
Games can change up to the Sunday evening before the following Wednesdays games!

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Summer League structure 2023

  • 13 teams
  • 5 weeks of round robin games with one group of 6 and another with seven
    • Group of seven will have 2 games each week
    • Each game will be 30 minutes long with a break in the middle
    • Top teams from each group will join to make group 1
    • Other teams will form group 2
  • 5 weeks of round robin games in group 1 and group 2
    • Group with seven will have 2 games each week
    • Game length will expand due to extended evenings light
    • League will then be split into three tiers
  • 3 weeks of games within your tier for positioning
    • play each team in your tier once
    • end with final postions
  • Finals week – First v Second, Third v Fourth in each tier