Spring League

We hope you have enjoyed the first 7 weeks of our spring league. There are now 5 weeks left to battle it out for trophies.

The league will now be split into 3 tiers.
5 teams will enter into the Cup whilst 4 teams in each Plate and Bowl.

In the Cup, Honey Badgers, Lions, Nightwings and Perse are automatically through.
As the race for 5th is not clear cut, Superheros and Wolverines have a knockout game held in the first round.
The Plate will be Steppy, Dukes, Wolfpack and either Superheros or Wolverines.
Bowl will be Nobodys, Mott Shots, Pirates and Black Fox Academy.
For 4 weeks, games will be played and points accrued in each of your tiers. Plate and Bowl teams will play an extra game in week 4 for additional points so all tiers will have same total of games.
All games count now as in the final week, first will play second and third will play fourth for final standings for the spring league. For the cup there will be a fourth versus fifth in the final week.
The schedule is available at Cambridge League

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