Summer League 2019 Winners

This weeks saw our final games in the league

Ospreys v Dukes for the Bowl

Nightwings v TapNGo for the Plate

Superheros v Lions for the Cup

First round was Ospreys taking on Dukes for Bowl

Youth prevailed in this round with Ospreys taking the win

At the same time Nightwings battled with TapNGo

Another win for the all ladies team showed their dominance within tier 2

The main event was Superheros vs Lions which was the same two teams battling it out in the finals of the Spring League.

Towards the end Lions held a narrow lead but Superheros came back to make scores level to take it to a drop off.

In the fading light Superheros took a triumphant win. Congratulations!

We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped out in the league.

Till next time!

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