Nationals Part 1

Midlands Mixed Team Runners Up at Nationals

A massive congratulations to Midlands mixed team who reached the finals in last weekends Nationals Tournament in St Ives.

Lou Rickard, Lizzy Sadler, Frances Raymond, Abigail Walters, Hannah Murphy, Eloise James, Jo Howson
Dean Hancock, Andrew Dyer, Callum Benson, Adam Boardman, Charlie Unsworth, Ben Dobson, Rhys Williams, Josh Grief

With only a few training sessions, Jo Howson coached the mixed team consisting of players from several clubs in the region. Good results in early games and a convincing win in the semis put them into the finals.
In the game the team never gave up and fought hard but ended up losing by a couple of touch downs.
Thanks to all those involved and players who participated in training sessions.

The future is bright and definitely orange too!

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