End of Season Awards 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to the Burleigh Arms last Saturday for the Cambridge Awards evening.
In the end a total of 60 people turned out which made for a tight fit.
The pub put on loads of food for everyone and there was still plenty left at the end.

Kat took up the gauntlet of presenting the awards, ably assisted by Sue-Ellen.
Congratulations to all our award winners:

Women’s Player of the Year : Anna Goddard
Women’s Most Improved Player: Cat Thompson
Female Junior Player of the Year: Megan Green
Men’s Player of the Year: James Knoop
Men’s most Improved Player : Matthew Maynard
Male Junior Player of the Year: Sam Missin
Referee of the year: Gene MacDonald
Club Person of the Year: Dan Mendis and Matt Emmerson

As always we also had our team nominated Most Valuable Players:

Honey Badgers – Harry Missin
Superheros – Olly Maynard
Gen Z – Kolia Bermann
Steppy Platypi – Stephi Ball
Lions – Amie Leith
Bury – Thea Dawson
Nightwings – Alex Maskell
Dukes – Charlotte Tolley
Pirates – Liam McClean

It was an awesome night getting everyone together, lots of drinks were consumed and some of us partied till the early hours.

We look forward to another great season next year and seeing you all at winter training.
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