Winter League


Dates Time Teams Referees
1st Feb 19:15 Honey Badgers v University Superlions/Babas
20:10 Superlions v Babas Badgers/Uni
22nd Feb 19:15 University v Babas Badgers/Superlions
20:10 Honey Badgers v Superlions Uni/Babas
15th Mar 19:15 Superlions v University Badgers/Babas
20:10 Honey Badgers v Babas Superlions/Uni
29th Mar 19:15 final v
20:10 v


There will be a round robbing over three nights.
Games will consist of two 20 minutes halves.
Final week will be first v second and third v fourth


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Males Females
Alistair Dunn Ruby O’dell
Gene Macdonald
Rebecca Macdonald
Rory McAuliffe Gaynor sewell
Jon Lovell Laura Morcom
Rob Hinde
Ben Lucraft