We have new kit
Home Kit

Away Kit

Which to get

  • The Hornets team will be wearing the home kit whilst the Bees the away kit.
  • Anyone who might play for both teams really needs both shirts.
  • Anyone with aspirations to play for either team – feel free to buy either.
  • Players wanting to compete more competitively in the future although having not already participated for either team then best to have the away shirt.
  • Anyone who would like a new cambridge shirt can choose either. You dont have to be part of any squad to own a shirt.

Shirt Number
We are going to start at number 1 and for each kit, only ever make 1 home and 1 away shirt with that number.
No duplicate numbers of either shirt are going to be made.
You will have to buy both shirts at the same time if you want both with the same number.
First come(with payment) gets the shirt number they request.

For all shirt requests please email

The shirt cost is £20 each

In order to get shirts for the first NTS of the season we need orders in by Friday 10th Feb