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Midlands Tournament Teams 24th March

Thank you all for registering to play in the Cambridge teams for the midlands tournament at Coldhams Common.
Teams are as follows:
Leopards Lions Panthers Pumas
Alex Maskell Anna Wilson Shem Harris Ashley Eusden
Alice Bennett Hannah Murphy Dean Hancock Charlie Usher
Cat Thompson Imogen Richards Fraser Florence Glenn Jones
Jo Howson Lucy Norburn Joshua Grief Jack Walton
Kat Jones Niamh Reid Louis McManus Jon Lovell
Megan Green Samantha Chan Matt Emmerson Kolia Bermann
Thea Dawson Sue-Ellen Godde Oliver Exton Steve Cleary
Victoria Hulstrom Vicki Franks Oliver Maynard Mark Thomas
Ray Macfarlane Matthew Maynard
Steven field Sam Missin
Neil Burgess Will Lawson
Harry Missin

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NTS Teams 16th September

Stan, Lucy, Kat, Rosie, Tamara, Dean, Sam, Nicky, Oli, Glenn, Knoops, Kolia, Dan, Ben 

Anna, Freya, Sue-Ellen, Maz, Andy , Brad, Jon , Matt M, Callum , Logan , Steve , Travis 

Follow the scores:

Nationals Part 2

Midlands Women are National Champions

Midlands Women take the National title, taking the trophy away from the South East for the first time since the tournament’s inception

Write up by Kat Jones:
Although the Midlands sides didn’t have a long preparation time ahead of the tournament, many of the girls chosen for the WO side had played together either at the Premiership Permit or Senior Euro’s competitions in Edinburgh earlier in the summer giving them a great grounding as a team. The Midlands WO got off to a shaky start with a 5-2 loss to the SE sharks, but they built on each successive performance, beating the NW blades and SW Saxons 7-1 and 8-1 respectively later in the day. The following day the girls faced the Wales national side, and despite a late resurgence by Wales, the Midlands won by 7-3. Moments of brilliance by Jade Grantham (Notts) with a show-and-go and quickies between Jen Lee (galaxy), Anna Goddard (Cambs) and Sadi Meakin (Notts) created some lovely scores but the defensive performance really kept Wales out of the game.

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